Training Documents and Materials

Below is a list of documents that Presumptive Eligibility (PE) specialists at Qualified Entities can use for training and reference.


Presumptive Eligibility Policy & Procedure (effective 6/27/2023) - Presentation that provides all of the fundamentals- What PE is, who is eligible, how to enroll applicants, and the business process from start to finish. 


Below are helpful charts for new and existing PE specialists that can be utilized during the PE application process.

Who Can Apply for Individuals (effective 06/27/2023) - A chart that shows which individuals can apply for KanCare on behalf of each demographic category.
Income Conversion - Illustrates the calculations used to convert income to a monthly amount.

F-8 KS Medical Standards (effective 04/01/2023) - Provides the total countable income limits to be eligible for specified programs.

Immigration Statuses (effective 10/24/2023) - English Spanish  Categories of applicants who are eligible or ineligible based upon their immigration status.


Below are forms PE specialists will utilize while assisting applicants apply for coverage.

Pre-Screening Questions for Presumptive Eligibility
 - (effective 04/01/2023) A questionnaire to help determine if an applicant is potentially eligible for PE in both English and Spanish.

Fax Cover Sheet (effective 03/01/2022) - Used to identify the sender, the intended recipient, the subject, and a brief description about the content of the attached document(s).

KC-6200 Facilitator Authorization Form - English, Spanish - Allows the applicant to designate the PE specialists or QE the ability to assist in the application process.

PE Access and Change Request - Request or remove access for PE specialist(s). 

KC-1100 KanCare Family Medical Signature Page - The signature page for the KanCare Family Medical Application. Must be signed and dated by the consumer.

Flyers and Other Information

Presumptive Eligibility Consumer Flyer - English, Spanish - A flyer explaining the Presumptive Eligibility program.

PE-PW Brochure - English, Spanish - (effective 06/28/2023) Highlights most commonly asked questions regarding PE-PW coverage

2023 MCO Benefits - English, Spanish- Highlights extra services you can receive in KanCare per MCO.

KanLearn - E-Learning website with training opportunities.


Scenario 1
Mom applying for self and 3 children, husband not applying. Reports unemployment and wages.

Scenario 2 - 
Mom applying for herself and pregnant child. Reports no income.

Scenario 3 - 
Dad applying for self for aged out of Foster Care program and for his child. Reports being homeless. Reports Wages.

Scenario 4 - 
Pregnant mom applying for self and child, husband not applying. Reports wages.

Scenario 5 - 
Pregnant applicant applying for PE only, non-citizen. Reports Wages.

Scenario 6
Dad applying for self and child, non-citizen. Reports wages.

Scenario 7 - 
Pregnant mom applying for self and child. Reports wages and tips.

Scenario 8 - 
Mom applying for self and 2 children. Reports SSA.