KanCare Renewals: Continuous Enrollment Unwinding

Unwinding Reporting and Data

KDHE Submits Continuous Enrollment Unwinding Plan

On February 15, 2023, KDHE's Division of Health Care Finance submitted their plan for the unwinding of continuous enrollment to the Centers for the Medicare and Medicaid Services. A PDF of the plan is linked below. 

KanCare Enrollees

KanCare renewals are coming. Make sure the KanCare Clearinghouse has your most current contact information. Click the red chat bubble in the lower right of your screen or call 1-800-792-4884 and give the Clearinghouse your updated address, phone number or any other contact information that has recently changed. Doing this will help the KanCare Clearinghouse contact you when your renewal is due and may help you avoid a gap in coverage.

If you have questions, see the FAQ document linked below. 

Renewal Resources

If you have questions about your CHIP coverage, see the FAQ document below. 

Potential Medicaid Scam Alert

KanCare may be reaching out to you soon about your health coverage by text, phone call, email or mail. Following reports of fake texts and calls to Medicaid members in other states, KanCare reminds you that Kansas Medicaid will never charge you to enroll or reenroll in KanCare. KanCare will never threaten you or your family or ask for credit or debit card information. 

Scammers might pretend to be from a real organization or a government agency. They can use phone, text or email to try to steal money or something of value from you. 

If anyone claiming to be with KanCare contacts you and: 

  1. threatens you or your family, 
  2. asks for your credit or debit card information 
  3. warns of legal action, 
  4. demands or requests immediate payment, 
  5. requires payment by gift card, prepaid gift card, internet currency or by mailing cash, 
  6. pressures you for personal information
  7. requests secrecy, 
  8. threatens to seize your bank account, and/or
  9. tries to gain your trust by providing fake "documentation," false "evidence" or the name of a real government official, 

that person may be trying to scam you. Hang up, don't answer the text or email, and call 1-800-792-4884. 

KanCare Providers, Stakeholders and Community Organizations

Help the KanCare enrollees in your community prepare for the Continuous Enrollment Unwinding by accessing the communications toolkit below and using the materials included to educate KanCare enrollees. You can use the materials as they are or edit to fit your platform. If you edit, please contact Lauren Evans for review.

The full toolkit is available at the link below and is divided into two phases. Phase 1 materials can be deployed immediately. We recommend Phase 2 be deployed once renewal mailings begin around March 13.

Check back on Wednesdays to see new materials as they become available.

Full KanCare Continuous Enrollment Unwinding Toolkit in English and Spanish

KanCare Continuous Enrollment Unwinding Toolkit Supporting Documents