Community Training

Liaison Training


The KanCare Ombudsman Liaison Training is designed to help community organization staff members that work with Kansas Medicaid consumers to acquire a better understanding of (1) The Basic KanCare Programs including Home and Community Based Services (HCBS Waiver Programs), (2) How to Assist with Medicaid Applications and (3) Medicaid Related Resources and Support.

In-Person Training

The KanCare Ombudsman Office provides KanCare Liaison Training for community organizations that have staff interested in learning more about KanCare/Medicaid and the application process.   

Note:  To accommodate people with disabilities, auxiliary aides, services and modifications to policies will be provided on request. Please call Robert Stevens, KanCare Ombudsman Assistant, at 785-296-1492 or 711 (TTY) to make request at least five working days prior to training session.

Video Training
The KanCare Ombudsman Office has just published the KanCare Ombudsman Liaison Training videos on YouTube. They are now available for viewing. It’s the same training we previously provided at the 4-hour in-person trainings throughout Kansas, but it’s been converted into 10 videos that you can watch from anywhere, on your own time, at your own pace. You can watch all 10 videos in order, to receive the same training format we previously provided in person.  However, each video is titled by topic(s) covered, so you also have the choice of just watching what’s most valuable for you. 

KanCare 101 Training
These videos were created in Spring 2020.  Some eligibility information may be newer that noted in the videos (i.e. client obligation).  For up to date inforamton see the KanCare Ombudsman Resource pages .