Health Plan Information

The State has selected three health plans, or managed care organizations (MCOs), to provide services to Medicaid consumers in the KanCare program.  More information about each plan and how to contact them is below.

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  • Website
  • Email
  • Multi-language interpreter services
    English: To access language services at no cost to you, call 1-855-221-5656.

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  • Website
  • Email
  • Interpretation Services Information:
    Call our Customer Service Department to arrange
    for an interpreter, 1-877-644-4623.




The KanCare health plans partner with subcontracted organizations to help in providing certain sets of services. The table below includes information about which organizations are working with the KanCare health plans.
KanCare Health Plans Subcontractors

Behavioral Health

MCO Subcontractors

Dental Services

MCO Subcontractors

NEMT Services

MCO Subcontractors


MCO Subcontractors


MCO Subcontractors

AMG Information

MCO Subcontractors

Health Plan Highlights 2019

KanCare health plans are required to offer all the same Medicaid services to beneficiaries that were offered prior to the start of KanCare. Additionally, each of the health plans offer some extra (value-added) services to consumers at no cost to the State. Providers who supply these services to consumers can contact each of the KanCare plans with specific questions. A list of all the value-added services offered by KanCare plans is shown in
2019 Value Added Services - English 
2019 Value Added Services - Spanish.