History of KanCare

Historical Background

In January 2011, Governor Sam Brownback charged Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer, MD, and a working group of cabinet members with the task of fundamentally reforming Medicaid to improve outcomes and establish financial sustainability in the face of mounting uncertainty. The State of Kansas faced major challenges in its Medicaid program that require swift and effective policy changes to continue serving vulnerable Kansans.

Lt. Governor Colyer and the Working Group reached out to thousands of Kansans to help in the effort to reinvent Medicaid. The Administration sought public input through an open process that included a Request for Information, public forums in each congressional district, a web survey, stakeholder workgroups and countless individual meetings with consumers, advocates, and providers. (See Deloitte summary report.)

The vision statement outlined at the beginning of the process remains and was confirmed by the participation of Kansans from every corner of the state: To serve Kansans in need with a transformed, fiscally sustainable Medicaid program that provides high-quality, holistic care and promotes personal responsibility.

The documents and web pages linked below are made available for those who are interested in following the State of Kansas through its Medicaid Reform process.

2011 Medicaid Public Forums

Public forums were held in 2011 – Wichita, Topeka, Dodge City, Overland Park – during which consumers, providers and advocates were engaged in the Medicaid Reform process for the State of Kansas.

Section 1115 Material - Historical

The State of Kansas Submitted a Section 1115 waiver to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services to provide the holistic, comprehensive care envisioned for KanCare. While parts of this 1115 waiver were approved, CMS and the State of Kansas continue to work towards integrating the 1915(c) Home and Community Based Service Waivers into this broader 1115 waiver.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Waiver Integration Priority Goal and Guiding Principals - March 2016PDF81.18 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
Waiver Integration 1115 Demonstration Waiver Amendment Process - Feb. 2016PDF218.29 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
Waiver Integration Stakeholder Engagement (WISE) 2.0 - Feb. 2016PDF411.84 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
Executive Summary for Section 1115 Waiver Concept PaperPDF292.91 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
WISE Workgroup Recommendations State Response - Feb. 2016PDF500.79 KB03 Jan, 2017 Download
KanCare Amendment Public Meeting Presentation7-2013PDF175.36 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KS KanCare Waiver List- CMS approved 1-29-14PDF58.49 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Waiver Integration Public Info-Listening Session - Nov. 2015PDF899.94 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
KS KanCare Expenditure Authorities CMS approved 1-29-14PDF125.91 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
1115 Public Forum CommentsPDF187.41 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KS IDD Approval Letter 1-29-14PDF237.95 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KanCare Community Care Frequently Asked Questions - Nov. 2015PDF105.87 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
KS letter to CMS 6-5-12PDF105.75 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Presentation on Waiver Integration Public Information Session - Aug./Sept. 2015PDF543.42 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
KanCare 1115 application public commentPDF475.98 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Section 1115 KanCare Application Cover Letter 08-06-12PDF69.17 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KanCare 1115 Proposed Amendment and AttachmentsPDF694.52 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KanCare Section 1115 Demonstration 8-6-12PDF2.36 MB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KanCare CMS Signed Approval LetterPDF552.81 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KanCare STCs IDD Amendment 01-29-14PDF1.29 MB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KanCare Waivers and Expenditure AuthoritiesPDF183.14 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Kansas 1115 Waiver Concept PaperPDF266.40 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
KS KanCare Section1115 SPECIAL TERMS CONDITIONSPDF1.41 MB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Kansas Medicaid Population DemographicsPDF238.01 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Public Meetings Presentation 6-20-12PDF310.09 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Public Notice for Section 1115 demonstrationPDF418.66 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download
Section 1115 Public CommentsPDF7.84 MB30 Dec, 2016 Download
060512_KS_letter_to_CMSPDF105.75 KB30 Dec, 2016 Download



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