KanCare Annual Forum

The KanCare Special Terms and Conditions, at item #71, provide that annually “the state will afford the public with an opportunity to provide meaningful comment on the progress of the demonstration. At least 30 days prior to the date of the planned public forum, the state must publish the date, time and location of the forum in a prominent location on its website. The state must include a summary of the comments and issues raised by the public at the forum and include the summary in the quarterly report, as specified in STC64a, associated with the quarter in which the forum was held. The state must also include the summary of its annual report. Consistent with this provision, Kansas holds a KanCare Public Forum, providing updates and opportunity for input by stakeholder annually. The forum invitation is published on the face page of the www.KanCare.ks.gov website and sent to stakeholder groups. 
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