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Proposal Ideas for WORK
This provides information about proposals for the WORK program. These are ideas to make improvements to the WORK program.

DRAFT    Proposal Ideas for WORK 7-24-2023

Written comments and input related to the above need to be submitted to the WORK Program Manager at .

Work Opportunities Reward Kansans (WORK)

Work Opportunities Reward Kansans (WORK) is a program through which people enrolled in Working Healthy receive personal assistance services (PAS). Working Healthy beneficiaries cannot receive Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver services.  In addition to PAS, WORK services include Supported Employment/Individual Employment Support Services, and Assistive Technology Independent Living Counseling (ILC). 

To receive WORK services, people must be eligible for Working Healthy, and     

  • be receiving services through one of these HCBS waivers: the Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD), Physical Disability (PD), or Brain Injury (BI), or

  • be on the waiting lists to receive services through these waivers (waivers screenings must have been conducted within the last 12 months or new waiver screenings will be required), or

  • be screened for I/DD, PD, or BI waiver eligibility before a WORK assessment can be conducted.

Additional Eligibility Criteria
KDHE reserves the right to require additional documentation of a member's disability and/or conditions.

In order to receive WORK Services, members with physical disabilities must demonstrate a need for physical assistance with a minimum of two ADLs, i.e., getting in and out of bed, bathing and personal hygiene, dressing, toileting, eating, assisting to put on prosthetic or orthotic devices, and support during the night for toileting and repositioning.  Members with intellectual/developmental disabilities or brain injury must demonstrate a need for physical assistance, or cuing/prompting, to perform ADLS and/or demonstrate a need for Supported Employment.

WORK Fact Sheet -- English
WORK Fact Sheet Spanish

Stick figure using a wheelchair with Sunflower- WORK Logo

WORK Program Manual

The manual detailing the policies and procedures regarding the Work Opportunities Reward Kansas (WORK) Program and its connection to Working Healthy is available to read and download here.

Work Program Policy Manual Rev 1-1-2024

Provider Lists

Agencies listed may or may not be currently providing services. Additional community agencies could be available to provide services by simply signing up as a WORK provider. You will need to contact the provider for availability and to negotiate a billable rate. Your Independent Living Counselor can assist you with this process.

WORK ILC Providers List Rev 1-1-2024
Agency Direct Providers 10-20-2021

Accompanying Forms

WORK Independent Living Counselor Training and Forms

The training is now available online!

All WORK Independent Living Counselors are required to take and pass (85%) this training curriculum.

Click here to download all the information you will need to find, register, and take the course and exam.  If you have questions, please contact Sherri Marney, the WORK Program Manager, at or (785) 296-8009.

ILC Provider Forms:  These forms must be completed and sent to the WORK Program Manager before WORK ILC services can be provided.
WORK ILC Qualifications and Responsibility Form (1-1-2020)
WORK ILC Acknowledgement of Program Policies (1-1-2020)
ILC Mandated Reporter Form (11-2013)

For ILC Billing:
ILC Services Form rev 10-1-2023

Self-Direction Tools

WORK Self-Direction Training and Assessment

The purpose of this self-direction training manual and assessment is to give you information about how to hire, train, manage and dismiss your own personal assistants. This means that you have control over your own life, but it also comes with many responsibilities - as you will now be an employer and responsible for all that comes with that. The manual will give you directions on how to handle issues that come up and how to develop your own system for self-direction. The first half of the manual will focus on how to develop forms for your “Staff-Hiring and Management” notebook. The second half will focus on how to develop forms for your “Staff-Training” notebook. Assessments for each section are also provided.

Read through the manual and follow the directions for each section that applies to you and your needs, then taken the assessments for each section. An answer key is provided to check your answers - if you find you've gotten anything wrong, please go back to the manual and brush up on the material! Good Luck!

Self Direction Manual
Part 1 Self Assessment Questions
Part 2 Self Assessment Questions
Answer Key for Self Assessment Questions

The Kansas Self-Direction Toolkit
The Kansas Self-Direction Toolkit provides individuals with disabilities the information and tools needed to self-direct any component of their personal assistance services.  Consumers, case managers, service coordinators, family members and others will like the Toolkit's step-by-step format with a mix and match option that puts you in control of the information you want and need to self-direct your personal assistant (PA) supports and services.