Unwinding Data

KanCare will post data about renewals monthly. This data will include call center data and the number of renewals mailed. The number of mailed renewals will be broken down into renewals approved, discontinued and renewals that have a 90-day window to submit their renewal for processing. Those who return their renewal in the 90-day window will have their eligibility assessed and if they are eligible, may have their coverage backdated. 

Glossary of terms

What You Should Know About Unwinding Data

KanCare reports data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for each month of the Unwinding. KanCare also reports a snapshot of each month's data on this dashboard. Here are some things to know about data reporting before checking the numbers:
  1. KanCare’s data dashboard provides a snapshot of all the data up to a current date, which means it only reflects data from a certain point in time. In Medicaid, numbers are always shifting because members can move between reported categories. The numbers KanCare reports to CMS are reported monthly, reflect a point in time for that month and are not updated to reflect any changes. The data on the KanCare dashboard and from CMS will be different.

  2. Since KanCare members have a 90-day window to submit and complete their review if they missed their deadline or have more information to report, KanCare does not expect to have enough data to provide trend analysis until later this year. KanCare is watching the data closely and taking action when necessary to address concerns. 

  3. Looking for more background information or answers to questions about the Unwinding? Go to the KanCare Renewals landing page for more resources. 

Unwinding Data Snapshot Report

AS OF 4/30/2024

526,979 Individuals Sent a Renewal

318,791 Individuals Approved

75,532 Individuals Discontinued

15,078 Individuals in Reinstatement Window

                            What happened to the 90-day window?

75,420 New Application Required

Age and county data is now located in the approved, discontinued and reinstatement window categories. 

Call Center Data