Individuals in Reinstatement Window As of 12/31/23

Total MAGI Individuals in Reinstatement Window


Total Non-MAGI Individuals in Reinstatement Window


Total Other Individuals in Reinstatement Window


As of 12/31/23: Unwinding By County and Age, Reinstatement Window

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has broken down Unwinding data from the 90-day window category by county and member age.

What Does This Data Mean?

The “reinstatement window” category refers to individuals have had their coverage ended but are in a window of time where they can return their renewal for review. If they are found eligible, their coverage may be backdated to the date they were discontinued. 

This category used to be called the “90-day window” because when Unwinding started, KanCare anticipated following the same review and reinstatement window that occurred prior to the PHE. As KanCare has monitored eligibility redeterminations and made changes to make sure members have time to return their renewal, this timeline has changed due to pausing and resuming discontinuance at different points. The result of these changes is members have longer than 30 days to return their review and their 90-window doesn’t start in many cases until months after their review is sent. For example, Medicaid members with a June 2023 renewal were mailed their review notice in May 2023 and the earliest they may lose coverage for not returning a review is October 31, 2023, with their 90-day window then occurring from October 31 to January 31, 2024.

Individuals in this category are reported after they lose eligibility which currently is at least 90 days after they were mailed their initial review. 

Renewals in the reinstatement window are broken into two categories: modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) and non-MAGI. The MAGI category contains family medical programs and non-MAGI contains long-term care (LTC) and elderly and disabled (E&D) programs. 

Some renewals are approved through an automated process. Because of this automated process, there are a few renewals that the eligibility system cannot define as MAGI or non-MAGI groups. This group is labeled "other" and is a very small group. 

The number of renewals in the reinstatement window will change with each monthly update and will most likely differ from the data the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will report.