Policy Clarifications

Policy Clarifications issued by the agency are listed by the year and then labeled according to the program type; All medical programs, Elderly & Disabled, and Family Medical.  Policy Clarifications are used to explain existing policy.  These are not policy changes, but rather more detailed explanations of the intent of a policy and often the procedural steps required to correctly process a case according to policy.

Policy Clarifications by year


PC2023-05-01     FM          
Pre-Tax Deductions

PC2023-04-02     FM           Prior Medical Denial for Newborn

PC2023-04-01     All            Verification of Citizenship/Identity & Immigration Status


PC2022-11-01     ED           Policy Clarification: Annuity Free-Look Period

PC2022-08-02     ALL         Veterans Affairs (VA) and Military Pensions – Countablity as income

PC2022-08-01     FM           Non-Deemed Newborn Application Timeframe

PC2022-07-02     ED           Unrecorded Deed

PC2022-07-01     ED           LTC Add Request- Denial

PC2022-06-02     FM           FFM Applications - Pre-tax and Federal Deductions

PC2022-06-01     FM           Family Medical Trust and Annuity Clearance Requests

PC2022-04-01     ALL         Overtime, AWOL/AGO status, and Name changes

PC2022-02-01     ALL         Add Member Request Received - COVID-19


PC2021-12-01     FM          Verification of Residential Custody

PC2021-11-02     ALL         Self-employment updates

PC2021-11-01     FM          Prior Medical Simplification

PC2021-10-01     ALL         Witness Information when application is signed with mark

PC2021-08-01     E&D        Policy Clarification: MediKan 12 month Fixed Coverage period

PC2021-02-02     ALL         Third Party Liability (TPL)

PC2021-02-01     E&D        Counting the Low (and High) Balance in a Bank Account


PC2020-12-01      ALL        Reviews- Reasonable Compatibility, Pending, and SSA Income        

PC2020-08-01      ALL         HCBS and Aged-out Foster Care 

PC2020-02-02     E&D        Impact of Private Payment on Resource Eligibility

PC2020-02-01     ALL         Counting the Low (and High) Balance in a Bank Account

PC2020-01-02     E&D        Provisional Plan of Care for HCBS Institutional Transitions

PC2020-01-01     E&D        Excess Shelter Deduction


PC2019-11-01     FM          Updating Review Dates

PC2019-10-01     E&D       IRA –Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

PC2019-09-01     E&D        Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Account

PC2019-08-02     E&D        Treatment of Trust Assets for the Community Spouse Resource   Allowance  (CSRA)

PC2019-08-01     E&D        Marital Assets Pending Divorce – Legal Impediment

PC2019-04-01     ALL         2018 Federal Tax Return

PC2019-03-01     FM          Extension of TIAR requests - end dated 03/20/19

PC2019-02-01     E&D        Additional Clarification on Due and Owing bills from Assisted Living


PC2018-12-01     FM           CHIP for Families of State Employees

PC2018-05-01    E&D         Standard Pending Period on Advanced Pay cases

PC2018-04-01    E&D         Motor Vehicles


PC2017-10-02     FM           Residential Custody

PC2017-10-01     FM           Verification of Pregnancy of Multiples

PC2017-10-03     ALL         Earnings that include Overtime, Bonuses, Tips, or Commissions

PC2017-08-01     E&D        Retroactive Approval of WORK

PC2017-07-02     ALL         Additional Time to Provide Information

PC2017-07-01     ALL         Contractor/State Interaction end dated 1/26/18

PC2017-06-01     E&D        Due and Owing Bills from an Assisted Living Facility

PC2017-05-01     E&D        Resource Verification at Review

PC2017-04-03     E&D        Patient Liability as a Due & Owing Expense

PC2017-04-02     FM          Common-Law Marriage and Tax Filing Status

PC2017-04-01     FM           TransMed Approved by Passive Review

PC2017-03-03     ALL         Assisting the Customer with Verification 

PC2017-03-02     ALL         Employer Statement of Wages Version 2

PC2017-03-01     ALL         Social Fundraising Accounts (Go Fund Me)

PC2017-02-02     ALL         Employer Statement of Wages

PC2017-02-01     E&D        Mailing Addresses


PC2016-11-02     E&D        Burial Plans

PC2016-11-01     E&D        Bank Deposits Requiring Further Clarification

PC2016-09-01     ALL         Processing an IROD

PC2016-08-01     ALL         Facilitator Appointment Duration

PC2016-06-03     ALL         17 Year Old’s Signing Application

PC2016-06-02     FM          TransMed Hierarchy

PC2016-06-01     E&D         Income Allocation from Parent to Child

PC2016-05-01     ALL         Retro-charging Premiums