Policy Log

The Policy Log is a new tool that provides a compilation of all Policy Memos, Directives and Clarifications in a single list.  The document provides a summary of the content of each policy correspondence and users can link directly to the document from the Log.  The Policy Log also serves as a record of all issued policy communication.  Items on the Policy Log include a Reference number.  The Reference number includes the following:  Alpha characters (2-4 digits which indicate what type of policy it is), 4 digit year, 2 digit month, and 2 digits to represent the sequential order of the policy document released in that month.  The sequential number assigned is specific to that type of policy document.  For example, if both a Policy Memo and a Policy Directive are issued in July 2017, the policies will include:  PM2017-07-01 and PD2017-07-01.

Review the Eligibility Policy Log for the following:
• COLA - COLA Mass Change Memo
• PC - Policy Clarification
• PD - Policy Directive
• PLMC - Poverty Level Mass Change Memo
• PM - Policy Memo
• SOC - Summary of Changes Memo (KEESM or KFMAM)