Policy Directives

Policy Directives issued by the agency are listed according to the type of directive:  Those that impact all medical programs, Elderly/Disabled, Family Medical and PPS.  Policy Directives are used to implement simple policy changes.  These are used for singular topics that can be easily implemented with minimal instruction to staff.


PD2024-04-01      ALL          New Review Signature Page
                                                 • KC-1201 Family Medical Review Processing Instructions
                                                 • KC-1601 E&D Pre-populated Review Form - Instructions

PD2024-01-02       FM          CE for SOBRA Children

PD2024-01-01       E&D        Pursuing SSA Benefits Waiver – COVID-19 Unwinding

PD2023-11-01       ALL        Incarceration Suspension
PD2023-10-01       E&D       SSA Application Verification
PD2023-06-02       ALL        E-application & PDF Discrepancies
PD2023-06-01       E&D       HCBS to SIA Temp Stay Updates

PD2022-10-02       ALL       SSN Exception for Non-citizens
PD2022-10-01       ALL        In-state Addresses Received via Returned Mail - COVID-19   
PD2022-09-02       ALL       
In-State Address Changes Provided by MCO’s - COVID-19
PD2022-09-02       ALL       
End of Fair Hearing Extension         
PD2022-09-01       E&D      
Implementation of ES-3172 Life Insurance Information Request Form
PD2022-08-03       FM        
State Employee Open Enrollment and CHIP Eligibility
PD2022-08-02       FM         Presumptive TB Determinations
PD2022-08-01       ALL        APPRISS- Timely Action Window
PD2022-07-01       ALL       
Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees

PD2021-09-01       ALL
       SOBRA Provider Requests
PD2021-08-01      FM          MAGI Filing Threshold
PD2021-06-01      E&D      
Termination of Temporary PASRR Extension Policy COVID-19
PD2021-04-01      ALL
        Primary verification of Date of Death (end dated 4/1/22)
PD2021-02-02      E&D      
Property Settlement - Divorce
PD2021-02-01      ALL
        Premium Delinquency – COVID-19

PD2020-12-01     FM         
CE Dates at Review
PD2020-10-01     E&D        Processing Instructions for Medically Needy Spenddown and MediKan During COVID-19 PHE
PD2020-09-04     E&D       
Implementation of ES-3104.7 Income Allocation Worksheet
PD2020-09-03      FM         Journaling templates for KDHE Family Medical Staff  end-date  3-7-23     
PD2020-09-02     E&D       
ES-3100.8 MSP Only Application and Prior Medical Coverage
PD2020-09-01     ALL
         Voter Registration 
PD2020-06-01     ALL        
Fair Hearing Extension - COVID-19
PD2020-03-01     ALL        
Delayed Discontinuance - COVID 19
PD2020-02-02     ALL        
End-dating $0 income records in KEES
PD2020-02-01     E&D        
PD2020-01-01     E&D       
Separation of the Trust and Annuity Clearance request form (B-6)

PD2019-06-01     ALL        
Failure to Provide- Natural Disaster
PD2019-05-01     ALL         Changes to Equifax Portal End dated 10/5/22
PD2019-04-01     E&D
        MediKan Reintegration – Date of Discharge
PD2019-02-01     ALL        
Facility Birth Reporting Form for Medicaid Deemed Newborns

PD2018-11-01     E&D       
LTC Communication Reporting the Death of a Consumerend dated  4-1-22
PD2018-09-02     E&D        LIS/MIPPA Application Registration and Processing 
PD2018-09-01     ALL
         Use of Templates: Journaling Requirements, end dated 9/25/2020
PD2018-08-01      FM         
MAGI Households: Separated Spouses Filing Jointly
PD2018-02-02     ALL 
        Use of Templates: Journaling Requirements, end dated 09/07/18
PD2018-02-01     ALL        
Use of Templates for Case Returns, end dated 03/07/2023

PD2017-11-01     E&D       
Questionable Withdrawals and Deposits
PD2017-10-02     E&D        Notice of Intent to Allocate Income and to Transfer Resources
PD2017-10-01      FM         
Veteran’s Income
PD2017-09-01      FM         
IBU for 18 or Younger and Filing Taxes
PD2017-07-01     E&D       
Notice of Intent to Allocate Income and to Transfer Resources - end dated 10/17/17
PD2017-04-01     ALL 
        Policy Directive: Reasonable Compatibility Test, end dated 3/31/18
PD2017-02-01     PPS 
       Medicaid Eligibility for Youth in Detention

PD2016-09-02      FM         
Medicaid Newborn Eligibility
PD2016-09-01      FM          Requirement to Check EATSS for MAGI
PD2016-08-02     ALL
         Policy Directive: Requesting Information - New Timelines, end dated 7/31/17
PD2016-08-01     ALL
         Policy Directive: Reasonable Compatibility Test, end dated 4/26/17