Working Healthy

Working Healthy is a medical work incentive program that allows the participant to:

  • Earn more income without loss of medical coverage
  • Accumulate assets
  • Eliminate spend down
  • Have the same KanCare coverage as other citizens of Kansas
  • Receive help with Medicare expenses
  • Have employer health insurance premiums be paid, in some cases
  • Receive personal assistance under WORK
  • Receive medically improved provision
  • Receive benefits planning and assistance 


To qualify for Working Healthy and affiliated programs, a person must:

  • Have a disability determined by Social Security;
  • Be no younger than 16 and no older than 64;
  • Be employed (earning more than $65 per month, federal minimum wage or better, FICA withholding from wages or pay SECA if self-employed);
  • Have a total countable income of less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level;
  • Not be receiving Home and Community Based Services;
  • Not be an SSI recipient;
  • Not be living in a nursing facility; and
  • Have countable resources that are less than $15,000.

Fast Facts and Information


There is a monthly premium charge for Working Healthy medical coverage when net income is between 100% and 300% of the federal poverty level; however, some income is disregarded in calculating the premium. 

Education and Outreach

Working Healthy staff provide education about Working Healthy, WORK and other medical programs through KDHE.  A priority of Working Healthy is to educate our community on how work impacts benefits and the safety nets available, so a person can test their ability to work without jeopardizing their benefits.  Agencies and community partners are encouraged to request presentations on various topics and programs to learn more and better ways to serve their customers in achieving their employment goals.  Benefits Academy Workshops can also be provided upon request.  To find out more, please contact your local Working Healthy Benefits Specialist, or contact Maddie Bowens, Working Healthy Senior Manager, at 316-337-6390 or email .  The Working Healthy team is here to support you, reduce concerns and provide choices for those interested in employment or increase their earnings.