Volunteer Program

The KanCare Ombudsman Volunteer Program is designed to help serve KanCare members in resolving problems regarding their services, coverage, access and rights. The program is currently training volunteers in the Kansas City Metro and Wichita areas.

All volunteers are asked to complete an application, background check and interview. Accepted volunteers complete in-person training and shadow and experienced staff member prior to starting their service. They are tested after their training for competency on the following subjects: 

  • Handling of calls and levels of inquiries
  • Practice cases and case studies
  • Resources for beneficiaries
  • Processes – applications, benefits, and claims
  • Grievances, appeals and state fair hearings

Volunteers will do ongoing training on various topics as part of their continuing education for the volunteer team. To contact the Ombudsman or a volunteer near you call 855-643-8180 or email.

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in the KanCare Ombudsman Volunteer Program. We are always excited to begin working with the new volunteers and look forward to contacting you.
  1. You may print the application from the PDF provided below and mail your completed application to: Lisa Churchill, 503 S. Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603;  or
  2. Complete the Online Application to submit your application electronically.

Ongoing Education

Ongoing education is available through bi-weekly educational conference call training. The resulting documents are posted on the Ombudsman website for volunteers and liaisons to review as needed.