KanCare FAQs for Beneficiaries

General Frequently Asked Questions

KanCare General FAQs

  • -How are KanCare & Medicare different?

  • -What KanCare programs are available?

  • -What should I expect when calling the Clearinghouse?

  • -I am moving to Kansas from another state. Can I transfer my Medicaid or do I have to reapply?

  • -Will I have to pay anything for KanCare?

  • -Can I reduce my monthly premiums?

  • -What if KanCare/Medicaid is refusing to provide me services I need?

  • -What if I have a question & I’m not sure if it is related to KanCare? Or I have a question that is more of a general service type question?

  • -What if I am deaf & having trouble getting access to accommodations when I call the MCO or Clearinghouse or other organizations?

  • -I want to change my Managed Care Organization (MCO) but I’m not in my open enrollment period. What can I do?

  • -I am trying to help my family member/friend with issues they have with KanCare, but no one will talk to me.

  • -Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions

KanCare Eligibility/Application FAQs

  • -How do I know if I am eligible for KanCare?

  • -What if I am not eligible for Medicaid and can’t afford insurance?

  • -How do I apply for KanCare?

  • -What resources are available to help as I fill out the application?

  • -What is a Managed Care Organization and how do I pick the one that is best for me?

  • -What should I expect from the application process?

  • -What if my application is taking too long to process?

  • -How do I check on the status of my application?

  • -What can be done if the person needing Medicaid cannot apply on their own?

  • -What happens if my application is denied?

  • -My application for Social Security Disability Benefits is still processing or I am appealing a denial. Can I still apply for KanCare?

  • -What can I do if I am over the asset limit for the Elderly & Disabled program?

  • -What if I have family history of cervical or breast cancer and am not eligible for Medicaid and cannot afford health insurance?

  • -I’m older than 64 years of age and not eligible for KanCare/Medicaid because my income is too high. Is there any other program that I might be eligible for that could help with my limited income?

  • -I am an immigrant or refugee from another country. Can I apply for KanCare?

  • -Someone told me my child should be eligible for KanCare without a client obligation or spenddown under the Adult Disabled Child regulation. How do I check on that?