Consumer & Specialized Issues Workgroup

Consumer and Specialized Issues (CSI) Workgroup. This work group meets quarterly. The majority of the membership is made up of consumers who receive KanCare services or family members of KanCare consumers. For more information about the CSI work group, please see this Consumer & Specialized Issues Charter. Meeting minutes are available below.

We are currently seeking participants who are pregnant women or parents of CHIP children to serve on the Consumer and Specialized Issues Workgroup board. If you are interested, please contact Russell Nittler at

Committee Members

Russell Nittler, Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment
Brandt Haehn, Kansas Dept. for Aging and Disability Services
Brenda Adams, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Christina Bachman, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Barb Conant, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Deanna Gaumer, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Karen Gonzalez, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Joan Kelley, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Elizabeth Moran, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Edward Nicholas, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Hal Schultz, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Njeri Shomari, KanCare Consumer/Family Member
Jay Terry, KanCare Consumer/Family Member

Workgroup Minutes

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2016-December-CSI meeting minutesPDF169.60 KB14 Aug, 2017 Download
2016 CSI Meeting Agenda 12-14-2016PDF268.19 KB29 Dec, 2016 Download
2016 September CSI meeting minutesPDF510.11 KB29 Dec, 2016 Download
2016 June CSI meeting minutesPDF530.93 KB29 Dec, 2016 Download
2016 March CSI meeting minutesPDF543.23 KB29 Dec, 2016 Download
Consumer & Specialized Issues CharterPDF200.04 KB10 Jan, 2017 Download